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This was first a one-shot I wanted to do during my writing examens ( so begin April :P ),since I couldn´t start writing the new idea I have for a multy chapter FF.

To show some lifesighn in fanfiction I wanted to publish this FF as soon as possible and made it a two shot ^^, but can´t tell when the next one will come since I´m not even half done with that and have oral examens in two weeks -.- The only think between me and my A level certificate xD
I´m not really happy with this chapter, but still hope that you enjoy it and sorry for the grammar mistakes, if you find some :P :D

As always, the characters belong ONLY to Hero Mashima ( who he likes to kill, recently, which is why I´m still shocked! :.

Levy Mcgarden was alone on a mission. At first everyone was confused about why their guild´s bookworm was going on a mission without her teammates and were slightly concerned and her two teammates were too stubborn as to let their beloved Levy go to a mission all alone, but when she said that the mission only bases of translating an ancient script, they let her go.

Yeah … as if!

Let´s say, after some hours of arguing and storming, angrily, out of the guild in the end, she went to her job.

She went to the address written on the paper and was really confused when she ended up in a forest.

- hmm, that´s strange, it´s written that I have to meet up with the customer in a building, but …. I see only trees !- Levy thought

Suddenly she heard someone approach her and turned around. In front of her was a man with short black hair, black lips and eyes like a snake. Now Levy didn´t feel that confident anymore.

" Hey, are you the Fairy Tail mage who can translate ancient languages?" He asked. His creepy voice made shivers run down Levy´s spine.

" Y-yes, that´s me ! Levy Mcgarden" She answered, trying to sound normal.

The man titled his head to the side, as if doubting it, what annoyed Levy.
- Great! Now I ged judget by my appearance again! - Levy thought, huffing slightly.

Suddenly another person jumped down from a tree and into view. He had long black hair, many piercings in his face and forearms and was taller than the other guy. The only thing that fascinated her about this guy were his red eyes. She never met someone with such eyes before.

" Oi, freak! Why does it take you so long to get her! Master Ivan is waiting!" The man said. His voice was gruff and deep.

" Be quiet Gajeel!" Was the response from the snake Guy.

- Wait ! Did he say … Ivan! -

With a closer look at the two people before her she could indeed see the Raven Tail mark on the pierced one´s right shoulder.

Now Levy had a reason to panic! Ivan ?! Master Makarov´s son who wants to destroy Fairy Tail!
The snake like guy started to approach her which startled her. She turned around and was about to run away, when a strong arm was wrapped around her waist, holding her against a hard chest.

" And where do ya think yer going little one ?!" The man, named Gajeel, whispered menacingly into her ear.

" Let- let me go!" Levy shouted, struggling to get free, but to no avail as his grip became even tighter.

" Sorry, but Ivan is waiting, shrimp" Was the response she got with a strange lough from her captor.

" Then he will wait forever! Solid script : FIRE!" She shouted, her hand moving behind her and the word flying onto his face.

Gajeel was taken aback by that and jumped away from her, cursing loudly.

Levy turned around for a moment to check how much damage she caused him ( well she is a caring person after all and doesn´t like hurting others) and was surprised and shocked to see that his whole body was covered in iron scales, his hands were onto his face.

" W-wha " came from Levy in shock.

Gajeel chuckled and rose his head to look at her, a wide smirk on his face.

" Nice trick, shrimp, but your little fire wont do anything to me! Gihi" He said.

Levy tried to run again, but Gajeel was too fast and jumped in front of her, startling her.

" Now, enough playing!" He said and rushed to her.

Levy reacted fast and used the word " SHIFT" to avoid his attack. She than wrote the word " FIST" which turned into a giant fist aiming at Gajeel, but he dodged it with ease.

,, Not bad, shrimp!" He said, smirking and somehow enjoying the fight, but before he could make his next move, his partner appeared between them, stopping the fight.

He put his open hand in front of Levy´s face, startling her.

" Wha - "

" Sleeping magic!" He said and a yellow light came from his palm ( A/N Yeah I´m pretending that, since he can imitate other magic abilities, he can use sleeping magic :P ).
Levy couldn´t keep her eyes open anymore and fell to sleep.

She was caught by the man, holding her bridal stile.

" What the hell, you freak! Ya can´t just interrupt me while fighting! " Gajeel burst out, annoyed that his fun ended so fast.

" You´re taking too much time! Ivan is waiting" He said and started walking, a grumbling Gajeel following him.
Levy opened her eyes, not recognizing the place she was. She sat up and looked around. She saw gray walls, bars on one side and the single bed she was siting on. She realized in shock that she was hold captive in a cell !

Someone came through a door and she recognized the snake like guy from before.
He opened the door to her cell.

" The master is waiting for you!" He said and without waiting pulled her by her arm and dragged her upstairs until they reached a large room, where Ivan was sitting in the center, a woman with long red hair and a strange looking, blue skinned and tall guy, standing on either side of Ivan.

Levy was pushed forward, which made her fall to the ground before Ivan.

" Hello Levy-chan. I´m very sorry that we have to meet in such a terrible way, but I didn´t think that you would come to me on free will " He said.

" What do you want!?" She hissed. Not caring about the fact that she was the captive.

He stood up and took a parchment out from under his cape and stretched his hand out to her.
Levy took it after a moment of hesitating.

She took a look at it and her eyes widened.

" You´re looking for the Dark Magic Book?" She asked.

" Yes ! And this parchment leads us to it! I need you to translate it, so we can search for it!" He answered.

" What do YOU need it for?" Levy asked, raising a brow.

" This, my dear, is non of your business! " He replied.

" And why should I help someone like you?!" She bit back.

" Then I have to MAKE you ! Although I would prefer a less painful way for you ..." He said with a dark undertone and a sadistic smirk on his face, which made Levy shudder.

She gulped, thinking about a way to get out of this mess. She knew that the book was written in the same language as the parchment, so IF they would find it, they still couldn´t use it without her. She came to the idea to just translate this parchment, since it would take some days to find the book and until then she would think of a way to escape.

" So ? Which way will it be?" Ivan asked, losing patience.

" I will do it!" Levy said.

Ivan was surprised by that, but didn´t mind her decision, since it would make it easier not to have to force her to do it, which would have taken much of his time.

" Good girl! If you need any books to -" Ivan started saying, but was interrupted by Levy.

" I don´t need books, since I already know this language!" Levy said, a bit cocky.

" Ah, as expected from Fairy Tails smartest member. Well then ..." Ivan said and his face changed into a serious one. " Kurohebi!" He called and the snake like guy stepped forward.

- Kurohebi? Well, the name fits – Levy thought. ( A/N yeah well, for those who didn´t know, Kurohebi means black snake, so …)

" Take her back to her cell! Make sure she does her job and come back to me when she finished it!" Ivan ordered.

Kurohebi nodded and dragged Levy back downstairs.

Levy sad on the bed in her cell, papers laying around her and the parchment in hand. When she was brought back to her cell, she immediately started translating the parchment and wrote the translation on a paper. It was an easy task for her, since she already knew this language and didn´t need to use many books to do the translation.

When she translated the parchment, she took the papers with the translation and read them again. She recognized that it has to take a person nearly a week or even some days more to find the book, since the place it was hidden was far away from here and even when they reached the place, which was in a big forest where old ruins existed, they still had to find the spot where the book is. The parchment had a code written in it, which has to be used to unlock the grave of a dark mage, in which the book was.

Levy felt a bit unsure about her plan. The book was written by a dark mage who wanted to become the strongest. He had written every strong and forbidden spell into it and had even created one which could increase the power of a mage. It was a dangerous book in the hands of a dark mage, in this case Ivan.

Levy had made a plan to escape. She wondered why she didn´t see more members in this guild. It was such a big building, but looked empty. The only members she saw, where those who were in the big hall where Ivan was, so she thought since Ivan would have to send more than one mage to find the book, she had a bigger chance to escape and not get caught by a member.

- Ok, the plan doesn´t sound perfect and even IF most of them are gone, the mages here look very strong … NO Levy concentrate! You have no time to get scared, you´re a Fairy Tail mage and have to stop Ivan! … somehow … - Levy thought, not completely sure, if her plan would work.

She walked to the bars and told Kurohebi that she was finished with the translation. He opened the door and took her to Ivan.

Ivan saw them coming and rose from his seat, eager to get the translation and start searching for the book.

" Oh, you translated it already?! You´re really fast Levy-chan, I´m impressed!" Ivan said, smirking.

Levy didn´t say much and gave Ivan the papers. He looked at them and gave them to the red haired woman.

" Flare, you Obra and Nullpuding are going to find the book! Kurohebi, I need you for a mission." Ivan ordered his members and then looked at Levy. He averted his gaze and looked behind her to a dark corner.

" Gajeel" Ivan called and the man with long black hair and piercings cam to view.

" You will look after her and make sure she doesn´t escape!" Ivan said.

" Tch, why do I have to babysit the shrimp!" Gajeel growled.

" Because I say so! Now stop complaining and do it!" Ivan said and dismissed everyone.

" Tch, that´s stupid!" Gajeel grumbled and walked to Levy, grabbing her arm roughly and pulling her away.

Levy yelped when she was thrown into her cell, landing on her butt. The door to her cell thrown shut violently.

" Ya better don´t do anything stupid, shrimp!" Gajeel growled.

" Stop calling me names! I have a name" Levy said annoyed.

" Tch, I don´t fucking care about yer stupid name, midget! Yer just one of those scums from Fairy Tail, so I don´t give a fuck about what a weakling like ya has to say!" Gajeel replied, annoyed.

He turned around and sat on a chair beside her cell. " This is stupid!" He grumbled.

Levy huffed and sat on the bed. - What´s the matter with this guy!- She thought annoyed.

After an hour or so, the place became awful quiet. She went to the bars and saw that Gajeel was ...sleeping ?!

That surprised her. - How can someone sleep in such a position?- She thought.

An idea came to her mind and she went to the bed.

She pushed the bed a bit aside, without making much noise and looked at the ground.

- If I can do this without him noticing, than I could escape!- Levy thought.

She wrote the word " HOLE" on the ground and jumped in and pulled the bed back over the hole. She went on writing the word until she made a small tunnel which reached outside. Since the cells were in the ground floor she had an easy task. The tunnel ended outside of the building, which was on the side where the forest was.

- Good, with all the big trees I could make it without anyone finding me, who thought being small can be to my advantage one day- Levy thought, jumping out of the tunnel.

She ran into the forest not knowing the direction she had to go. She stopped in the middle.

- Damn it! I don´t know where I am exactly!- She frowned. She suddenly hear something approaching. Her eyes widened when a thick metal club was sent her way. She dodged it in the last minute and jumped aside.

The person came out of the shadows, red eyes gleaming in the dark.

" Ya little scum really thought ya could escape before my eyes?! How foolish!" Gajeel said, a sadistic smirk on his face. He raised his hand and pointed with his index finger at his nose.

" As a Dragon Slayer I can smell ya miles away!" He said proudly.

Levy panicked, this was her only plan and it failed! On top of that, he was a Dragon Slayer and there for much stronger and faster than her. She couldn´t escape.

Gajeel enjoyed the panicked look on the script mage´s face, but it didn´t last long. He was surprised when her expression suddenly changed into a stern and determined one.

- No! I´m a Fairy Tail mage! I wont go down without fighting back! - Levy thought.

Gajeel smirked again. " Gihi, what? Becoming brave suddenly? Or have ya finally understood that your plans to escape are pointless and ya coming with me without making trouble?! Although that would be no fun at all" Gajeel said, approaching her.

" You wish !" Levy shouted and wrote the word "SPEED" under herself which caused her to approach Gajeel on full speed, then she wrote the word "FIST" and this time it collided with Gajeel´s chest, knocking out his breath, since the force behind the punch got stronger with her speed.

Gajeel flew backwards and collided into a few trees, which created a dust cloud.

" Solid script: WINGS!" two white wings appeared on Levy´s back and she took off into the sky.

" oh no ya don´t! Iron dragons ROAR!" Gajeel shouted and a big blast with sharp iron pieces was send Levy´s way.

Levy tried to dodge it, but it hit one of her wings and made her fall back to the ground. She wrote the word "CUSHION" which caught her fall.

" Damn it! How am I going to- KYAAH" Levy yelped, when Gajeel rushed to her and tried to hit her with his fist, but Levy rolled aside and he made a dent into the ground.

Levy gulped at that.

" You have good reflexes little one, didn´t think that a little shrimp like ya can keep up that long" He said his smirk widening " That means I can get serious now … " he added.

- Is he serious!? - Levy thought panicked.

Gajeel´s concentrated his magic and iron scales covered his body. He rushed at her again and aimed his fist at her. Levy wrote the word " GUARD", but Gajeel´s hit was too strong and the word crumbled. Gajeel hit her with his other fist straight onto her face and send her fly onto a tree.

She cried out in pain and slid down to the ground. When she saw Gajeel rushing to her again, she secretly wrote the word "HOLE" on the ground some feet away from her and when Gajeel reached that spot, he walked over the word and fell right into a deep hole, with a surprised yelp.

- What should I do, what should I do!?- Levy thought paniced. She was already getting exhausted and needed a plan to get out of this mess.

" Damn it bitch! What the hell!? " Gajeel shouted enraged from inside of the hole.

Before Gajeel could climb out of the hole Levy got an idea and went to it. She looked into the hole and saw that Gajeel had already climbed half of it and was about to come out. He looked up and saw her … fucking smiling down at him!

- that cocky bitch!- Gajeel thought enraged, but something was off … wait …!

Gajeel gave her his best death glare " Don´t. Ya. Dare!" He said threateningly.

Levy rose her arms into the air, slowly and her smile got wider.

" Solid script : … " She began.

" I SWEAR IF YA DO THAT -" Gajeel started shouting to no avail.

" ROCK" Levy said and a big rock fell onto the hole, closing it.

Now she had to hurry and escape! She started sprinting away, but took a last glance to the closed hole, feeling bad for doing this to someone even IF he was a bad person.

She was running for nearly an hour when she saw light shining on the end of the forest, which were signals for a city. She felt relieved …

until a strong arm grabbed her and she was pushed roughly, with her back, onto a tree. She yelped in surprise and pain and her brown eyes met two furious red orbs.

When she thought Gajeel looked frightening before then that was an understatement compared to the in dirt covered, furious Dragon Slayer she was confronted with right now.

" The hole was one thing … but then a FUCKING ROCK on top of that! " He growled dangerously.

Levy gulped. This was it! And all because she wanted to do this mission on her own! But when she thought about it, when Jet and Droy had came along they would be in the same mess as her, maybe even worse, since she was always the one saving them when a mission got too difficult.

A chuckle got her out of her thoughts and she looked back up to see Gajeel smirking at her.

He shook his head his smirk getting wider.

" But I have to say that yer not like other women I´ve met! Ya have guts and yer not afraid to fight back … and I thought all of ya fairies are pussies ..." He went on.

Levy looked at him with wide eyes. She was totally confused. Was he complimenting her?! Why, all of a sudden?
Then Gajeel´s expression became serious, his scowl back on his face.

His voice became gruff and cold.

" Still … I have my orders!" Gajeel began again." sorry, shrimp!"

And before Levy understood what he mean Gajeel´s fist collided with her stomach and she was hauled over his right shoulder. That was the last thing she remembered before everything went black.

Levy woke up in her cell, again. She sat up in the bed and felt pain all over her body, mostly her back and the stomach. Then she remembered her fight with Gajeel, how he manhandled her and hit her stomach. She scowled at that. This was her only chance to escape and it failed!

She saw light coming from a small window at the end of the room, so she new that it was already morning.

- How long was I unconscious?!- Levy thought.

" Finally awake, huh ?! I was about to think that I hit ya too hard, shrimp, gihi!"

Levy´s head made a sharp turn to the right and there he stood before her cell, a cocky grin on his face.

She glared at him, not liking his expression when she was becoming desperate and also held captive in a cell like an animal.

" You´re a jerk you know! " Levy hissed.

" I´ve been called worse." He said, not really caring.

Levy´s blood boiled and she wanted to wash that stupid grin from his face. - That´s it! Water!- Levy thought.

" Solid script: WATER" She said … but nothing happened.

Levy looked confused and then she saw two bracelets on her wrists. They were thick and it felt like they were absorbing her magic when she wanted to use it.

" Wha -" Came from her stunned.

" They are magic suppressing bracelets!" Gajeel said, crossing his arms over his chest.

Levy looked back to him. He saw her shocked expression and continued.

" Master Ivan ordered them for you, so you can´t repeat the stunt from last night!" He said.

He didn´t like the idea himself, but he couldn´t say anything against it. What should he say anyway? It was not like he really cared for that girl … not a bit.

Levy held her hands closer to her face to inspect the bracelets better. There was no way she could open them. No matter how long she looked, without any tools she couldn´t do anything.

Now … she was really hopeless …

" It´s not like your magic was taken from you, so stop sulking like that!" Gajeel said, a bit too harsh.

Levy gave a short humorless lough.

" Oh, really? " She looked up meeting Gajeel´s gaze. " I don´t think that I will get out of here, well … not alive that is!" Levy said, the last part more like a whisper, but the Dragon Slayer heart it clearly and frowned at that.

Somehow, there was a strange feeling rising inside of him when he looked at the girl captured in a cage like an animal. He didn´t know what this strange feeling was … maybe … pity? NO! Gajeel Redfox doesn´t feel pity for anyone!

He scowled at the girl. Anger rising inside of him now.

" Well, shit happens, midget!" Gajeel started.

Levy scowled at that, becoming angry herself.

" Life is not all peace and flowers!"

Levy´s blood was boiling by every word he was saying.

" Only the strong one sur - "

" SHUT UP! " Levy burst out, successfully cutting Gajeel off.

Gajeel was taken aback by her sudden outburst and looked at her with wide eyes.

" I NOW THAT, OK! YOU DON`T NEED TO TELL ME THAT!" She shouted at him. Tears forming in her eyes, but she tried to hold them back.

- I´m not going to cry in front of that jerk! - Levy told herself mentally.

Gajeel didn´t know what to say to that. Now that he took a closer look, he saw pain in her eyes. That´s when he recognized it. There was that look. It reminded him of … himself! That was always his expression as a child when other kids talked about their parents and he was reminded of the day, in which his foster father Metalicana left him. - that bastard of a dragon! - Gajeel thought.

- That means she went through some shit as well – Gajeel thought, feeling bad for the first time because of something he said. Not that he would ever admit it!

Levy growled and laid down on the bed, turning her back to him. She didn´t want to hear anymore of it! She new exactly how unfair life can be, since the incident in her past. She shut her eyes tight, not wanting to thing about that right now.

Gajeel huffed at her attitude and decided that it would be better, if he just left it like that. He had visibly hurt her. He went to his chair, sat down and leaned on the wall beside her cell. He sighed and then said something he had never said to anyone.

" Sorry … " He said in a small voice, feeling awkward by using the word.

Levy opened her eyes when she heard him. She didn´t think that he would actually apologize to her.

- Well, looks like my mother was right …

never judge a book by its cover!-
Yeah, well after a loooong time not writing fanfics, I wanted to do, at least, a one-shot, which turned into a two shot :D
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